Jan 24

New Reel Is Up!

Check out Marcy’s updated reel, with new footage from her latest project, Famous [on the internet]. Click on the “video” tab on the home page.

Jan 21

Marcy’s new improv team, “Panda Dreams,” performs at UCB

Panda Dreams in New York, August 2010

Come see Marcy, Josh Covitt (winner of iOWest’s Execution improv tournament) and Rendel Leatherman perform tonight at UCB’s “Let’s Do This” at 11 pm. $5.

This is their debut LA show, and their first official show as “Panda Dreams.” They performed as “The Universe” at the Del Close Marathon in New York, had a great show, and decided to bring it back to LA.

Jan 11

Great Review from the Chicago Reader!

Marcy’s UCB sketch team, The Space Program, went to Chicago last weekend for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. Here’s what the Chicago Reader had to say about their show!

You know you’re in for a treat when a troupe starts off their show by leading the audience in a prayer to Belial, Beelzebub, and Satan, and Space Program were fucking great. Every bit in their pop-culture-heavy show worked—especially the one about what happens after The Goonies ends and Sloth has lived with Chunk and his Mom for three days. Among my other favorites: Nicholas Cage wishing he could star in the Kelsey Grammer classic, Down Periscope; a woman telling her flawless friend why she pooped in her birthday cake; and a post-apocalyptic birds-and-bees talk with serious incestual overtones.

Click here to read the review on the Chicago Reader website.

Jan 03


Come see Marcy perform improv every Tuesday night in January. Her team, Grass Angels, has been chosen to be the residency team at TNT.

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